40,000 churches on their knees for America

New Page 6America needs change.  Yet the change we need will not come from Washington or Wall Street.   It must come from God.  It must begin with God’s people praying to Him for the change He requires and the change we need:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble
themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from
their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and
will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
(2 Chron. 7:14)

God promises real change – spiritual renewal for our souls and healing for our land – if we will simply humble ourselves in repentant prayer before Him.

Please kneel with us on Sunday, July 5, as believers and churches nationwide humble ourselves before the Lord, praying for the forgiveness of our sins, individually and nationally, and praying that God would turn our hearts–and the hearts of our political leaders–toward Him . . . and restore respect for life, marriage, and faith in the halls of power.

Will you answer the Call to Fall on our knees in prayer?

On Sunday, July 5, we hope for 8 million Christians in 40,000 churches across the country to fall before God and pray for America ‘s desperately needed spiritual healing.

Please take a moment now to answer the Call to Fall and help ignite a national prayer movement to revive the Church and heal our nation.

If you are a church leader, please commit your church to serving as a host on this important day.  The day after we celebrate our Independence , let’s declare our Dependence on God in this Call to Fall.

We want to publish an online directory of 40,000 host churches nationwide that will open their doors to Americans who will be drawn by the authentic hope, purpose, and faith of the day–and the movement it will ignite.

Whether you are a church leader or not, please go to Call2Fall now and click on “I’m in” to join us.

Resources for pastors, church leaders, and prayer partners

After you sign the declaration to answer the Call to Fall, you will receive periodic e-mails linking you to resources to help you prepare for this special day of prayer by providing free, downloadable . . .

  • Devotionals
  • Inspirational videos
  • Sermon outlines
  • Bulletin inserts
  • Suggestions for individual and corporate prayer

A Call to Fall bulletin insert is available now. You can download it by following this link and pledging to pray with us on July 5.

Pray as if our country depends on it . . . because it does!

As good citizens, we must engage in our nations’ policymaking.  But for too long, the Church has abdicated it’s role to promote and protect the biblical values that our nation was founded upon attempting to delegate this God given responsibility to politicians.

The result has been policies that exploit the defenseless. . . encourage immoral sexual practices . . . threaten our freedom to express our faith and values . . . and an ever-expanding government that is amassing unsustainable debt for our children and grandchildren.

Thankfully, God’s Word promises us that we can turn to Him in prayer at such a time as this.  His Word pleads with us to turn to Him with a broken and humble heart.

Indeed, we have nowhere else to turn if we are to preserve freedom and restore respect for life, marriage, and faith in America.

Your voice and prayers are needed! Please click here and answer the Call to Fall on our knees in prayer on July 5.