Arkansans Will Have Opportunity To Review Health Reform Amendments

Lincoln: Arkansans Will Have Opportunity To Review Health Reform Amendments at my Web site Amendments to be posted at Washington –

After Senate Republicans objected Monday to U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln’s proposal to require each Senator to post online any amendment he or she introduces to the health insurance reform bill, Lincoln today said she will post all amendments to the bill to her Senate Web site. The amendments will be available at “I regret that Senate Republicans blocked this effort for greater transparency in the health care reform debate,” Lincoln said. “Given the magnitude of this issue and interest that exists, I believe Arkansans and all Americans should have an opportunity to fully participate in the health care debate and be able to share their views with their elected representatives in Congress before they vote on the bill or an amendment offered to the bill.” By posting amendments to her Web site, Lincoln said Arkansans will have the opportunity to view the text of each amendment being considered in the Senate and share their views with Lincoln and other elected representatives. The Senate Finance Committee, of which Lincoln is a member, followed a similar practice while the committee drafted its bill, a process known as “mark-up.” Lincoln said she has heard from many Arkansans who are frustrated and lack accurate information on the health care proposals before Congress. In response to their comments, Lincoln created a “Health Resources Page” to streamline materials from her own website and other Congressional resources. She pledged to continue to update this page with any materials relevant to the ongoing health reform proposals before Congress. “I am keeping my promise to Arkansans that I will do all in my power to ensure that as health care is debated in the Senate, they will have ample opportunity to review the bills and share their thoughts and observations with me. This is another step in the long task we have undertaken to improve America’s health care system so Arkansas working families and small businesses can count on having access to quality and affordable health care without facing potential financial ruin,” said Lincoln. In October, Lincoln led a group of Democratic Senators in pressuring Senate leaders for greater transparency in the health insurance reform debate.