Arkansas Craft Open House: Clay, Glass and Wood

Clay, glass and wood are the mediums of four local craftsmen who will host an open house at Katz-Messenger Stained Glass studio on Friday and Saturday, November 8 and 9 from 10 am to 5 pm. Jo Smith of Marshall creates stoneware pottery, John Andre of Tilly hand turns wood, Marvin Smith hand carves wooden spoons and Clinton couple, Steve Messenger and Roberta Katz, will be showing their stained glass. Veteran crafters have long resumes in shows, fairs, galleries and Commissions.  They have united for a local, gallery-style intimate two dayshowing of their recent work.

Jo and Marvin Smith’s crafts are a natural pair, featuring Jo’s elegantly functional stoneware pottery glazed in earth and sky tones with Marvin’s meticulously carved hardwood spoons.  Master woodsman, John Andre has a lifetime of forestry behind his classically inspired hand turned wooden vessels, both decorative and functional. Katz-Messenger’s stained glass is usually custom designed projects for homes or churches but here they have built a collection “just for fun”.

Open House hours are 10 am till 5pm, Friday and Saturday, November 8 and 9 at Katz-Messenger Stained Glass, 2212 Highway 95 West in Clinton.
Refreshments will be served. For information, call 501-745-4589.