Arkansas Craft School Dates Announced

The Arkansas Craft School is presenting the following classes for students who wish to learn and expand their creativity ability in the world of crafts. These popular classes will be offered during the months of August and September.

Book Arts and Print Making will be August 5 – 7. This hands-on workshop combines several related crafts culminating in handmade books. Day one begins with design ideas and block printing, a process of creating images by carving wood and linoleum blocks. Day two focuses on paper art and embellishment techniques. Day three culminates with the creation of at least two handmade books based on bookmaking styles learned the previous two days. The class will be taught by local artist Linda Rawlings who has taught two previous classes this summer. Ms. Rawlings is also a new addition to Off the Beaten Path in September.

For lovers of wood turning, The Craft School offers two classes this summer: Thomas Dunn will repeat his popular Introduction to Woodturning August 12-14. Mr. Dunn has been turning wood for over 20 years, perfecting his skills in making segmented bowls for the past 10 years.Students in his previous classes have rated his instruction as “Excellent” with special emphasis on “personalized attention to each student’s individual progress.”

September 9-11 will present “Woodturning from Another Perspective” instructed by Kip Powers. Using the lathe as a starting point, Mr. Powers instructs students on “taking your woodturning to the next, elegant level”, creating bowls with different shapes, such as oval, geometric and bowls from slabs. Mr. Powers is also a returning instructor with the Craft School, bringing with him years of self-taught skills in woodturning from another perspective.

Both Book Arts and Printmaking and Introduction to Woodturning are for all levels, from beginner on up. Mr. Powers’ class is an excellent next step for Mr. Dunn’s class and is recommended for those with some wood turning experience.

To learn more about these classes and other classes, and to register on-line, go to Or call 870-269-8397 or email