Batesville Area Parkinson’s Disease Support Group To Host Seminar

The Batesville Area Parkinson’s Disease Support Group will host their semi-annual seminar Saturday, Oct. 19th  2-4pm in the Josephine Rae Rogers Center/White River Med Center.

Some of our speakers will deal with nutrition and items that make life easier for the patient. The medical field continues to have new break-throughs in caring for the parkinson patient.  Still, more people have PD than Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and myasthenia gravis, COMBINED.  PD directly effects about 2 million Americans and indirectly affects over four million family members and caregivers.

Caregivers and relatives are welcome. Snacks will be served.  For more information, call 870-793-0067  or  870-613-3122.