Beanfest 2010 was a Success

(Above) KFFB 106.1 on location at Beanfest 2010
(Above) The Rainbow crew ready to serve during Beanfest
(Above) Fred and Bob have Breakfest Before the Broadcast
(Above) Bean Cookers show up at 7 am
(Above) The road gang at Beanfest 2010
(Above) Bob talk with Michalle with the Mountain View Chamber
(Above)  Folks come from near and far to see the Bean Cook Off
(Above) Mountain View Police on hand to servie the Public
(Above) Folks gather around the square
(Above) Amy and the Conerstone Shoppe ready to serve you
(Above) Lots of Music at Beanfest 2010
(Above) Fred talks with folks
(Above) More music on the court house lawn
(Above) First Aid Station with Stone County Medical Center
(Above) Ellen Irvin talks with Bob about campaigning for Her Mom
(Above) Ozark Heritage Bank ready to serve up Beans
(Above) The Peace Love and Beans crew with Bob Connell
(Above) More Music
(Above) Saggy Mountain Boys and Bob Talk about beans
(Above) Its almost High Noon
(Above) The Ozark Folk Center’s Iron Skillett Restaurant
(Above) Bob, Rich and Fred take time out for Lunch at the Iron Skillet at the Ozark Folk Center