Boati Gras Will Be Hosted in Fairfield on August 3rd

Ever want to be on a parade float, especially a Mardi Gras float?  Well, here is your opportunity.  The Krewe of Jester, FFB, is ramping up a party on the lake called Boati Gras and all are invited.

On Saturday, August 3rd there will be a parade of boats at the Fairfield Bay Marina. To be in the parade all you have to do is decorate your boat anyway you want and join us outside the marina break-water. There will be a Second-Line Band to begin the festivities at 9:00 am at the marina.  Red River Restaurant will be on the marina offering Cajun food and a Shrimp Boil at lunchtime.

The parade will begin at 10:00 am after the “Blessing of the Fleet” by Reverend Handley of the Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church of FFB.  The parade route will run from the break-water to the campgrounds, past the swimming area and then will circle back by the marina.  At the end of the parade the FFB Fire Department fireboat will conduct the “Cleansing of the
Fleet” and individual boats will depart for lake activities. Decorate your boat (or don’t) and bring the kids, grandkids and get in line.

For more information go to Boati Gras on Facebook or contact his Royal Jesterness, King Jim at [email protected]. It’s all about good clean fun on the lake,  and it’s free to participate.

The VFW Ladies Auxiliary will be serving one of their scrumptious meals from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. for a minimal charge at the VFW Post.  The VFW will also have a live band and specials on  Boati Gras drinks at the Post from 8:00 pm
to Midnight. At Midnight  – Boati Gras is officially over and Mid-Lent begins.  Everyone is expected to give up a vice, habit, or individual pleasantry for the duration of Mid-Lent.  Mid-Lent ends at 12:17 am.