Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02) to Obama Administration: Hold ExxonMobil Accountable

LITTLE ROCK – Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02) sent a letter to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) on Thursday reiterating his opposition to restarting the Pegasus Pipeline and his call for ExxonMobil to relocate the pipeline away from the Lake Maumelle.

The letter (PDF) states in part:

“Going forward with the investigation and enforcement of pipeline regulations, I request that PHMSA:


  1. Ensure that all proper actions are taken by ExxonMobil to address every issue raised in both the Corrective Action Order and NOPV [Notice of Probable Violations].


  1. Provide my office with any response from ExxonMobil to the NOPV, as well as any submission by ExxonMobil related to the Remedial Work Plan identified in the Corrective Action Order and any plan to restart the Pipeline.”

Earlier this month, Rep. Griffin toured a portion of the Lake Maumelle watershed with Central Arkansas Water Engineering Technician Eric Fleming and Director of Customer Relations & Public Affairs John Tynan.  The Pegasus Pipeline runs through more than 13 miles of the watershed and also crosses some of the lake’s tributaries.