GED Test schedule for July

The GED® Test will be given at Ozarka College – Melbourne on July 8 and 22 at 8:30 a.m. in Room 516 of the Wyth Duke Adult Education Building.

The test will also be given at the following locations in July:




Ash Flat                                  Ozarka College                       9 a.m.              July 1 and 15


Mammoth Spring                    Ozarka College                       9 a.m.              July 2 and 16


Mountain View                       Ozarka College                       9 a.m.              July 3 and 17


Salem                                      Courtroom                               9 a.m.              July 18


Calico Rock                            City Hall                                 9 a.m.              July 23



You must present an Arkansas photo ID, a Social Security Card, and proof of passing Practice Test scores dated within the last year.  There is no cost to take the GED® Test. However, if you plan on taking the test at any of these locations, you must register by calling Ozarka College at 368-7371 or 1-800-821-4335 before the day of the test.  Because of increased demographic information needed, it may be necessary to allow two days for the testing.