Log Cabin Reports “Spirit of Community goes beyond Christmas”

With a flurry of donations in the last few days before Christmas, the Log Cabin Democrat’s Community Christmas Card had generated more than $22,500 — the most the program has ever received.

Every penny will go to schools in Faulkner County to be used to provide shoes, clothes, glasses and other necessities for needy children as the school counselors see fit.

Though by the time you’re reading this Christmas has passed into the rest of 2009’s history, the needs of hundreds of Faulkner County children will still remain through the new year.

As part of donating to the Community Christmas Card, donors get their names listed among all the others in a special section of the newspaper. In recognition of those whose spirit of giving extends beyond Christmas, the Log Cabin will print another list of donors on New Year’s Day.

Donations, of course, are needed and welcomed at any time. Donors may give as little as $1 or as much as they please. On Wednesday, the Conway Fire Department gave $5,000 in donated funds firemen have collected.

The Log Cabin will continue to accept donations at the office, 1058 Front Street, or online at www.thecabin.net.

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