Ozarka College Confers degrees

Ozarka College conferred 444 associate degrees, technical certificates and certificates of proficiency during the Spring 2013 Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 16. Students eligible to participate were those who had completed programs in December 2012, May 2013 or who plan to complete during the summer 2013 terms.

Of those who graduated, 38 earned magna cum laude honors and 39 earned cum laude honors. Students with a 3.75 or higher grade point average earned magna cum laude and those who earned at least a 3.5 grade point average earned cum laude.


There were also 29 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society graduates. The PTK Honor Society is recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges as the official honor society of two-year colleges.


Tommy Wren, Arkansas state representative for District 62, was the commencement speaker.


The following students were December 2012 or May 2013 graduates. Summer graduates will be recognized at the conclusion of their programs.


Ash Flat: Carrie Irvin (AA General Education), Kara Whited (AA Teaching) (cum laude), Shana Brink (AAS General Technology), Shaylee Fletcher (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Deneice Stroud (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Laura Miller (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Eric Huihui (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Hope Warden (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Nathan Hill (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Kelly McCord (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Thaddeus Steed (TC Automotive Service Technology), Justin Simpson (TC Automotive Service Technology), Tracy Bolt (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Batesville: Kaila Dunegan (AA General Education), Lena Bates (AA General Education) (cum laude), Nicole Morris (AA Teaching) (cum laude), Cheryl Sturdivant (AAS General Technology) (cum laude), Gerrica Winkle (AAS Registered Nursing), Johnny Myers (AAS Human Services) (magna cum laude), Debra Smallwood (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jessica Coleman (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Billy Smallwood (CP Emergency Medical Technology), Robin Lopez (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Jessica Coleman (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Anita Nail (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Whitney Medlock (TC Culinary Arts), Latasha Goodman (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Natasha Hopper (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Heather Ford (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Sara Sandy (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Cheryl Sturdivant (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Katrina Coleman (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Big Flat: Bill Baze (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections).


Booneville: Karen Schlorer (AAS Business)


Brockwell: Ryan Walker (AA General Education) (cum laude), Jessica Beaudoin (AAS Business Technology) (magna cum laude), Rosa Smith (AAS General Technology), Ryan Walker (AAS Criminal Justice and Corrections) (cum laude), Morgan Carpenter (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Keressa Campbell (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tillman Treat (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Ryan Walker (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Morgan Carpenter (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Calico Rock: Rylie Bevill (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Jacob Moss (AA Teaching), Christian Wiberg (AAS Automotive Service Technology), Dawn Davis (AAS General Technology), Jennifer Wilkes (AAS General Technology), Bonnie Henson (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Marjorie Lamb (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Terri Heikes (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Caitlin Cook (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), April Barksdale (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Patti Southard (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Melissa Brant (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Whitney Adams (CP Emergency Medical Technology), April Barksdale (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Christian Wiberg (TC Automotive Service Technology), Patti Southard (TC Health Professions), Shannon Scott (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Catherine Coon (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Camp: James Hoover (AA General Education), Amber Cunningham (AA Teaching), Kayla Hillhouse (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Cave City: Sarah Humphrey (AA Teaching) (magna cum laude), Charles Bell (AAS Automotive Service Technology) (magna cum laude), Tracy Burns (AAS Registered Nursing), Kelly Cannon (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Donna Levitt (AAS Registered Nursing), Sonja Miller (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Tonya Holt (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Anthony Thacker (TC Automotive Service Technology), Terrie Calderon (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Courtney McSpadden (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Jack McLaughlin (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Cherokee Village:  Robert Johnson (AA General Education), Roger Savell (AA General Education), Heather Jansen (AA General Education), Tiffany Gentry (AAS Business Technology), Adam Askew (AAS Culinary Arts) (cum laude), Tiffany Gentry (AAS General Technology), Raegan Groves (AAS Health Information Technology), Megan Kulczycki (AAS Registered Nursing), Tiffany Gentry (CP Business Management), Lisa Rhoads (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Elizabeth Woolard (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Mary Thrasher (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Lauren Farris (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Shaun Cronin (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Laurie White (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Ashley Sample (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Ashley Shelton (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Brianna Lindner (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Lauren Farris (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Shaun Cronin (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Jessica Grant (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Ashley Shelton (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Heather Hollensteiner (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Clinton: Lindsey Sutterfield (AA Teaching), Michelle Linn (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Michelle Linn (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Michelle Linn (TC Health Professions).


Drasco: Whitley Turner (AA General Education), Peggy Phillips (AAS Registered Nursing).


Edgemont: Andrea Carlton (AAS Registered Nursing).


Elizabeth: Paige Jennings (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Almeda Martin (CP Early Childhood Development), Paige Jennings (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Evening Shade: Megan Grady (AA General Education), Debra Berkenes (AAS Business Technology) (magna cum laude), Angela Wagster (AAS General Technology), Vanessa Falwell (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Brenda Wiley (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Janis Lee (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Robin Paparelli (CP Early Childhood Development), Angela Wagster (CP Medical Office Assistant), Jerry Greer (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Fairfield Bay: Ashley McKay (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Fayetteville: Walker McMillon (AA General Education).


Fifty Six: Alexa Passmore (AA Teaching), Ann Cartwright (AAS Business Technology), Alicia McIntire (AAS Registered Nursing), Jackson Barber (AAS Human Services), Jason McGowan (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Michelle Pitts (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Flippin: Noah Gates (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Fox: Latrisha Blair (AA Teaching), Kari Bearden (AA Teaching) (cum laude), Randall Roth (AA Teaching), Starr Grimes (AAS General Technology), Lisa Bonds (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Crystal Cummings (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Starr Grimes (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Starr Grimes (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Starr Grimes (TC Health Professions).


Franklin: Larry Smith (AAS Automotive Service Technology), Wanda Harper (AAS Registered Nursing), Sarah Pierson (AAS Registered Nursing), Adrienne Taylor (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Brandon Womack (CP Certified Nursing Assistant).


Gassville: Anthony Slater (TC Automotive Service Technology), Austin Horne (TC Culinary Arts).


Gepp: Staci Cochran (AAS Registered Nursing).


Glencoe: James Yarnell (AA General Education) (cum laude), James Yarnell (AA Teaching) (cum laude), Sarah Cochran (AAS Registered Nursing), Tammi Hall (CP Early Childhood Development).


Hardy: Jessica Prescott (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Christine Welch (AA General Education), Babe’briann Lamb (AA General Education), Steven Law (AA General Education), Lela Massey (AA Teaching) (magna cum laude), Jimmy Clouse (AAS Automotive Service Technology) (cum laude), Sesily Ward (AAS General Technology), Kayla Christy (AAS General Technology), Jennifer Gill (AAS General Technology), Debra Fisher (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Amy Hussung (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), John Bond (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jennifer Gill (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tim Davidson (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Hannah Friend (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jeffrey Johnson (CP Emergency Medical Technology), Kaily Greene (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Jennifer Gill (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Tim Davidson (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Hannah Friend (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Sesily Ward (TC Health Professions), Tabatha Pebler (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Harrison: Amanda Webb (CP Certified Nursing Assistant).


Heber Springs: Christina Raker (AAS General Technology).


Horseshoe Bend: Jason Ertle (AA General Education) (cum laude), Kendra Rains (AA Teaching), Yvette Grisham (AAS Business) (cum laude), James Grisham (AAS Business)  (cum laude), Gage Wolford (AAS Business), Danielle Duncan (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Ashley Kellums (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Joanna Booth (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Charlie Feher (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Tyleigh Dodge (CP Early Childhood Development), Paul Rivera (CP Emergency Medical Technology), Danielle Duncan (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Joanna Booth (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Debra Shelton (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Jessica Fedor (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Leslie: Richard Pruden (AA General Education), Joy Johnson (AA Teaching) (magna cum laude), Karen Patterson (AAS Health Information Technology), Rosha O’Neal (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Mammoth Spring: Candy Johnson (AA Teaching), Heath Frealy (AAS Business Technology), Michelle Hale (AAS Business Technology), Michelle Hale (AAS General Technology), Delisha Haley (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Nicole Frealy (AAS Business) , Robert Scallions (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jessica Kelley (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Hanna Sacra (Certified Nursing Assistant), Maggie Walters (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Wayne Coffey (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Stacey Zook (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jobe Hurst (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jessica Kelley (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Hanna Sacra (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Wayne Coffey (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Stacey Zook (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Martha Shuping (TC Health Information Technology), Krystal Kerwin (TC Health Information Technology), Hanna Sacra (TC Health Professions), Krystal Kerwin (TC Health Professions), Jessica Martin (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Megan Savage (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Marshall: Joshua Goff (AA General Education), James Suchland (AAS General Technology) (magna cum laude), Haley Everett (CP Certified Nursing Assistant).


Marvell: Brie Engle (AAS General Technology), Brie Engle (AAS Health Information Technology).


Melbourne: Ashley Sherrell (AA General Education), Monica Glasser (AA General Education), Dalton Grigg (AA General Education), Abbi Smith (AA General Education), Kristin Montgomery (AA General Education), Brooke Sylar (AA General Education), Julie Vaughn (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Kayla Walters (AA Teaching), Alicia Kelley (AA Teaching), Kimberly Barnes (AA Teaching), Timothy Overbey (AAS Automotive Service Technology), Devin Ramsey (AAS Automotive Service Technology), Connie Conrad (AAS Business Technology) (cum laude), Rosita Little (AAS Business Technology), Connie Conrad (AAS General Technology) (cum laude), Krista Hoskinds (AAS General Technology), Melissa Pastrana (AAS General Technology), Gwyn Padgett (AAS General Technology), Melissa Pastrana (AAS Health Information Technology), Krystal Valois (AAS  Health Information Technology), Sherry Reeves (AAS Registered Nursing), Rebecca Whitten (AAS Registered Nursing), Cynthia Rush (AAS Registered Nursing), Talisha Sharp (AAS Registered Nursing), April Diamond (AAS Registered Nursing), Brandon Ballard (AAS Criminal Justice and Corrections) (cum laude), Rosita Little (CP Accounting), Whitney Phillips (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Emily Moser (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Sierra Winslow (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Emily Stills (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Vanessa Smith (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Kimberly Welch (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Mamie Weatherspoon (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Adam Peek (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tonya Ballard (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Sherry Roberts (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), David Mabry (CP Emergency Medical Technology), Kendra Farmer (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Mindi Roberts (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Jessica Crotwell (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Ashley Peek (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Danielle Andrews (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Adam Peek (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Kayla Neathery (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Jason Wyse (TC Automotive Service Technology), Devin Ramsey (TC Automotive Service Technology), Jason Rush (TC Automotive Service Technology), Amanda Face (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Jessica Holowell (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Kimberly Smith (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Chelsea Vines (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Mount Pleasant: Lynsey Ford (AA General Education) (cum laude), Michelle Ford (AA General Education), Emily Wheelis (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Steffanie Evans (AAS Human Services) (magna cum laude), Katherine Price (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Michelle Ford (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Mountain Home: Ina Hutchins (AA General Education), Sarah Loggins (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Ginnifer Farris (AAS Registered Nursing), Angelica Jones (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Mountain View: Dustin Campbell (AA General Education), Caleb Cobb (AA General Education) (cum laude), Stefani Rushing (AA General Education), Jennifer Johnson (AA General Education), Amber Sherer (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Hugh Oyler (AA General Education), Autumn Pitts (AA General Education) Le Andra Murray (AA General Education) (cum laude), Rebekah Ray (AA General Education) (cum laude), Roberta Wilkins (AA General Education), Dylan Harris (AA General Education), Rebecca Morrison (AA Teaching), Tearsa Callahan (AA Teaching), Julia Thiel (AAS Business Technology) (magna cum laude), Samantha McNealy (AAS General Technology), Susanna Werb (AAS General Technology), Sherry Prichard (AAS General Technology) (cum laude), Lakesha Wallace (AAS General Technology), Clinton Stanley (AAS General Technology) (cum laude), Timothy Hall (AAS General Technology), Robert Butler (AAS General Technology), Kristy Adams (AAS Health Information Technology), Susanna Werb (AAS Health Information Technology), Sherry Prichard (AAS Health Information Technology) (cum laude), Laura Stair (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Jeannie Day (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Sandra Barnes (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Shannon Jacobes (AAS Human Services), Rebekah Ray (AAS Human Services ) (magna cum laude), Julia Thiel (CP Business Computer Applications), Susanna Werb (CP Business Computer Applications), Doreen Ramirez (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Michael Beck (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Shayleigh Thatcher (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Lachelle Green (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Nicole Sloan (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Alicia Schneider (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Larry Wofford (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Bailey Miller (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Robert Allen (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Paula Stewart (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Lacey White (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Ethan Bowlin (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Emily Dixon (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Dakota Friend (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Elizabeth Corter (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Bruce Shipman (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Lauran Rush (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Robert Butler (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tina Wade (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Jacqueline Banks (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tayler Wade (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Becky Smith (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Donald Crispell (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Jessica Sterlin (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Phyllis Roddenberry (CP Early Childhood Development), Susanna Werb (CP Medical Office Administration), Kayla Miller (CP Medical Office Administration), Timothy Hall (CP Medical Office Administration), Carrie Lundy (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Miranda Hibshman (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Lachelle Green (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Larry Wofford (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Kali McKnight (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Bailey Miller (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Paula Stewart (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Elizabeth Corter (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Bruce Shipman (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Morgan Nichols (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Emily Gosser (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Joy Dill (TC Health Professions), Jessica Cochran (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Janice Davis (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Telena Meeker (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Norfork: Marcia Helm (AAS Business Technology) (magna cum laude), Jennifer Helm (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Onia: Dixie Steiger (AA General Education), Courtney Halpain (AAS Business Technology), Courtney Halpain (AAS General Technology), Valarie Jones (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Oxford: Tambrey Stuart (AA General Education) (cum laude), Haley McCandlis (AA Teaching), Bettie Villneff (AAS General Technology), Diana Lejeune (AAS Health Information Technology), Pamela Morris (AAS Registered Nursing), Diana Lejeune (TC Health Information Technology).


Pineville: Lana Jason (CP Certified Nursing Assistant).


Pleasant Grove: Rachel Foll (AA General Education), Abby Spinks (AA Teaching) (magna cum laude).


Poughkeepsie: Mark Penter (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Ravenden: Shawna Pfeffer (AAS Business Technology), Shawna Pfeffer (AAS General Technology), Andrew Swartzlander (AAS Business), Heather Collins (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Sage: Kelsey Crock (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Shawnda Hutchins (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Kayla Sartin (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Salem: Joshua Coker (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Shelia Eubanks (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Laurie Romine (AA General Education), Veronica King (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Anthony Stillwell (AA Teaching) (cum laude), Veronica King (AA Teaching) (magna cum laude), Edward Boris (AAS Automotive Service Technology) (magna cum laude), Charmaine Coker (AAS General Technology) (magna cum laude), Naomi Clingan (AAS General Technology) (magna cum laude), Merrideth Province (AAS General Technology), Angela Walsh (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Wanda Freeman (AAS Registered Nursing), Stacie Hay (AAS Registered Nursing), Anthony Stillwell (AAS Human Services) (cum laude), Sarah Grass (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Sherry Hildebrandt (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Vivian Franks (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Jamila Amer (CP Early Childhood Development), Samantha Corsaut (CP Emergency Medical Technology), Venita Hagler (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Edward Boris (TC Automotive Service Technology), Heather Chbouki (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Charolete Williams (TC Licensed Practical Nursing), Valerie Samples (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Shirley: Kara McBroom (AA Teaching) (manga cum laude), Joseph Sowell (AA Teaching), Patrick Likes (TC Culinary Arts), Cheryl Harper (TC Licensed Practical Nursing).


Sidney: Margo Drinkard (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Audrey Leann Goines (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Charlene Colley (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Amanda Masson (CP Criminal Justice and Corrections), Melinda Parks (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Charlene Colley (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Smithville: Hanna Hunter (AAS Culinary Arts) (cum laude), Rita Sullivan (AAS Registered Nursing), Allison Gray (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Allison Gray (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Hanna Hunter (TC Culinary Arts).


Sturkie: Johnny Emery (AA General Education).


Sulphur Rock: Brandi Pagan (CP Early Childhood Development).


Thayer: Britney Davis (AA General Education), Abbie Gober (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Stephanie Reynolds (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tamara Bowers (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Donald McCormick (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Keith Turner (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Tasha Burgett (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Wendy Forrester (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Ashley Sullins (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Stephanie Reynolds (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Elizabeth Sharp (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Timbo: Margo Del Real (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Julie Little (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Kallie Ross (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Viola: Karen Payne (AA General Education) (magna cum laude), Lindsey Cox (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Shira Bales (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Shira Bales (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Violet Hill: Christy Thielman (AAS Registered Nursing) (cum laude), Zachery Thielman (CP Certified Nursing Assistant).


Williford: Jerry Despain (AA General Education), Patricia Patterson (AA General Education), Kimberly Zeiger (AAS Health Information Technology) (cum laude), Jennifer Wess (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude), Samuel Baldridge (CP Certified Nursing Assistant), Lisa Walker (CP Early Childhood Development), Lisa Henry (CP Early Childhood Development), Samuel Baldridge (CP Pre-Health Sciences), Daniel Smith (CP Pre-Health Sciences).


Wiseman: Corinna Doiron (CP Certified Nursing Assistant).


Yellville: Patrick Kelley (AAS Culinary Arts) (cum laude), Patrick Kelley (TC Culinary Arts).


Other areas:


Cleveland, Tenn.: Joshua Huie (AA General Education).


Killeen, Texas: Lindsey Browning (AA General Education).


Linden, Ind.: Melinda Morgan (AAS Registered Nursing) (magna cum laude).


Thibodaux, La.: Heather Torres (CP Business Management).