Senator Lincoln: Halter Spinning More Lies

Little Rock – Bill Halter’s “ducking the issues” campaign for the United States Senate took a new and bizarre twist today.

Halter earned millions as a leader of corporations before moving back to Arkansas, yet he declines to answer questions about his actions in those positions, particularly the outsourcing of jobs overseas.

“Bill campaigned in 2006 on his experience leading five high-tech companies, yet when confronted by SEC records showing he authorized outsourcing of jobs to India to save money, he denies any knowledge,” Lincoln Campaign Manager Steve Patterson said. “Senator Lincoln has fought hard to create jobs in Arkansas, like the 400 Mitsubishi Power Systems jobs she helped bring to Fort Smith yesterday.”

The Lincoln campaign also released a copy of its new ad today demonstrating Halter’s hypocrisy on jobs. Watch the ad here.

Meanwhile, Halter’s advertising message continues to misrepresent Senator Lincoln’s record on the Wall Street bailout. At the same time, he refused to answer a direct question during an ABCNewsOnline interview on how he would have voted on the same measure in 2008.

“Bill Halter lies about his own record, and now he’s lying about Senator Lincoln’s record,” Patterson said. “The Senator’s voting record doesn’t lie. She voted against giving more money to Wall Street when it was time to renew TARP. She voted to terminate TARP. She voted consistently to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. These votes support everything she has stated in this campaign.”

The Facts:

Bill Halter Refused to Say How He Would Have Voted on TARP. In an interview with ABC News’ “Top Line,” when asked if he would have voted against the Troubled Asset Relief Program in 2008, Halter refused to answer one way or another, instead saying, “Let’s put some accountability in there…” [ABC News’ “Top Line” Interview, 4/6/2010]

Lincoln Announced 400 New Mitsubishi Jobs in Forth Smith. Yesterday, Senator Lincoln joined state and local officials in celebrating the decision of Mitsubishi Power Systems America (MPSA) to build a new wind turbine manufacturing facility at Fort Smith’s Chaffee Crossing. “MPSA will invest $100 million in the facility, which will employ up to 400 people.” Senator Lincoln worked with Governor Beebe and others for several months to help bring this project and these jobs to Arkansas. [KARK 4 News, 4/6/2010]

Lincoln Voted Against Authorizing Further Funds for Wall Street Bailout. In 2009, Senator Lincoln voted for a resolution disapproving of the Troubled Asset Relief Program that would have prevented the release of $350 billion in bailout funds. Lincoln argued, “The program has provided little to no benefit to mainstream American businesses, consumers or homeowners. [Senate Vote #5, 1/15/2009; Lincoln Press Release, 1/15/2009]

Lincoln Voted To Terminate the Failed Troubled Asset Relief Program. In 2010, Lincoln voted for an amendment to terminate the Troubled Asset Relief Program and that the repayed funds be used to pay down the debt. [Senate Vote #2, 1/21/2010]

Senator Lincoln Introduced Bill to Stop Recycling of TARP Funds. In 2009, Senator Lincoln introduced a bill that “would require any TARP funds returned to the U.S. Department of the Treasury to be placed in the general fund in order to pay down the nation’s debt.” [Lincoln Press Release, 6/12/2009]

Lincoln Voted to Rein in Credit Card Companies With Much-Needed Reform. In 2009, Senator Lincoln voted for the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights, meant to put a stop to unfair rate increases and excessive fees. Lincoln said, “Enough is enough,” with the credit card companies’ unfair practices that have lead “to an inescapable state of debt for working families already struggling through the economic crisis.” [Senate Vote #194, 5/19/2009; Lincoln Press Release, 5/19/2009]

Senator Lincoln Has Repeatedly Stood Up to Protect Workers Whose Jobs are Sent Overseas and To Repeal Tax Privileges for Companies Who Profit From Outsourcing. [Vote #63, 3/17/2005; Vote #83, 5/5/2004; Vote #80, 5/4/2004; Vote #41, 3/11/2004; Vote #32, 3/4/2004]