Shop with a Cop 3D Archery Benifit Shoot April 30 Van Buren County Fair Grounds

April 30th, 2016, starting at 8AM

Van Buren County Fairgrounds 1831 State Highway 16 East
Clinton, AR 72031
Lots of Great Prizes- including 7 Bows, $500 hunting blind..
Entry Fees:
$25.00- per person, plus optional $1.00 for a bonus target.
$50.00- Family Cap. Husband, Wife and Children 17 and under.
$40.00- Family Cap. Husband and Wife or Father and one Child under 17 years of age or Mother and one Child under 17 years of age.
Long Dot Shot- 6 shots for $5.00 to qualify. Hitting dot qualifies you for finals. There will be a longer shot distance for finial. Prize will be given. Shoot off in case of a tie.
Mystery Target- 1 shot from unknown distance for prize. Closest wins. Shoot off in case of ties. Cost will be determined at event.
Sims Targets- Details and cost will be provided at event.
Fee includes lunch and entry for door prizes.

Bow Divisions and Rules:
1. Unlimited- There are no restrictions on shooting equipment. Scopes are permitted.
2. Bow Hunter Release- The following equipment is not allowed: moveable sights. Scopes will be allowed.
3. Hunter- Maximum 12″ stabilizer with no other stabilizing equipment; fixed pins with no magnification; screw in tips; any release or fingers may be used.
4. Lady Hunter- Follow same guidelines as Hunter Division.
5. Novice- Follow same guidelines as Hunter Division.
6. Traditional- Longbow and Recurve without sighting aids or devices on the string, bow, glove or tab. No release aids or holding devices allowed. String silencers and overdraws allowed.
7. Youth- Consisting of all styles together in one division. Ages 13-15.
8. Cub- Consisting of all styles together in one division. Ages 9-12.
9. PeeWee- Consisting of all styles together in one division. Ages 8 and under. PeeWee’s Free.

Awards for each Division will be giving. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, places. In case of ties there will be a shoot off.
The event will be a stagger start, starting at 8AM. All shooters must be off range by 3PM and score cards turned in.
Family Cap is defined as immediate family. Husband, Wife and Children.
Targets and event planning provided by Buck Snort 3-D Pop-Ups and Ingram’s Archery.

For more information about the event, contact the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office at 501-745-3838 or [email protected]
We would ask everyone who is going to attend the event, please R.S.V.P. so we can get an idea how much food we need, if possible. Everyone welcome, even if you can’t R.S.V.P..