Snyder Votes To Rebuild Our Military Readiness And Support Our Troops


Washington, DC – Yesterday, U.S. Representative Vic Snyder joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives and voted to give our military the tools it needs to fight our nation’s wars and to provide support to improve the lives of military families.  The National Defense Authorization Act will improve America’s military readiness, reduce fraud, waste and abuse in military contracting, and make critical investments in nuclear nonproliferation efforts.

“This bill allows us to meet our current military challenges and prepare for future challenges in a smart, strategic, and fiscally responsible way,” said Rep. Snyder.  “We are supporting our service members, strengthening our military readiness and emphasizing key programs that secure our national interests.”

This bill is designed to improve the quality of life for troops and their families.  It provides a 3.4% pay raise for service members, improves military housing, and extends health care coverage.  It creates one-year relief for veterans from “concurrent receipt,” which reduces the amount of disability pay wounded retirees receive.  Military families with autistic dependents will also receive better coverage.

“Our troops and their families sacrifice a tremendous amount for this country,” said Snyder. “We have an obligation to support the military families in Central Arkansas and all over the country before, during and after their service. This bill does just that.”

The National Defense Authorization Act sets up increased oversight and acquisition reform to support our efforts to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in military contracting.  It strengthens nuclear non-proliferation efforts, increases funding for the missile defense systems that work, and strengthens our ability to combat cyber threats to our critical infrastructure.  Also, this legislation improves our troops’ readiness by providing them with needed equipment and armor.  It replaces and repairs equipment that has been used in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and addresses equipment shortfalls in the National Guard and Reserve.

“This legislation underscores our commitment to support our troops and provide them with the tools they need,” said Snyder.