Statement From David Meeks On Congressman Snyder’s Health Care Vote

CONWAY– Republican second congressional district candidate, David Meeks, released the following statement today regarding Congressman Snyder’s vote on House Resolution 3962.

“Congressman Snyder, today, disregarded his oath of office in voting for the house health care bill.  By voting for House Resolution 3962, Congressman Snyder has abandoned the principles held in the 9th and 10th amendments of the United States Constitution.” Meeks said.

“In voting for a bill which will take the health care decisions out of our hands and place them into the government’s, Congressman Snyder has shown that the voice of his constituents is not important to him.  I implore the Congressman to remember those to whom he answers and those who employ him.”

“I am even more disturbed that the Congressman repays my service and the service of so many patriots who serve in uniform, who have fought for freedom, by taking away their health care choices.  We fought for freedom and are repaid with bondage to the government we protect.”

About David Meeks

David is a common man running for the United States House of Representatives for the Second Congressional District of Arkansas.  A Christian, husband, veteran and Arkansan, David believes it is time to elect a true representative of the Arkansas Second Congressional District.
David, and his wife Naomi, live in Conway where he drives a truck for Ferrellgas and is actively involved in his church.