The Melba Theater Announces Open House/Progress Report

Batesville’s Downtown has seen much construction and activity over the past year. A major point of interest, generating buzz across the state, is the historic Melba Theater that anchors the west end of Main Street.
“We can’t go anywhere without folks asking us how it’s going” admits Adam Curtwright, one of the theater’s co-owners. “The support and excitement has been overwhelming, so we thought it would be beneficial to showcase our progress.”

The Theater will be opening its doors on Tuesday, April 12th for anyone interested in touring the facility and seeing the progress thus far. “Doors will open at 5:00pm,” states co-owner Joe Shell, “and we will have some special announcements beginning at 5:30pm.” Attendees will be greeted by fresh coats of paint on the exterior and an introduction of new colors which are featured in the Melba’s new logo. The ticket booth has been relocated to the center of the façade matching the entrance from decades past. The transformation of the outside promises even greater excitement for what’s in store for the interior.

The Melba Theater Open House/Progress Report is a free event and open to the public. The Melba Group encourages you to attend, as well as, stay updated with their Facebook page and website