University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville To Host Holocaust Speaker

University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville officials have announced an upcoming visit from Louise Lawrence Isreals representing the United States Holocaust Memorial Museumin Washington D.C.

In addition to being on the Museum’s Speakers Bureau, Ms. Isreals is acontributing writer to Echoes of Memory, Volume 5, published for the Museum.  She will be presenting at UACCB to share her personal experiencebeing of Jewish descent during the Holocaust.

UACCB Vice Chancellor for Student Services Brian Berry expressed the importance of offering opportunities for students and the community to hear presentations such as this.  Berrysaid, “We are looking forward to hosting a speaker who can sharefirst-hand experiences about the Holocaust, not only for the knowledge we cangain, but for the chance to further appreciate the value of our individuality and our freedom.”

Louise Lawrence Isreals was born in the Netherlands in 1942 just after German forces had set up in her country.  The Nazi’s confiscated her family’s business and ordered the family to move to Amsterdam.  But, the family went into hiding to escape deportation and lived for two years in fear of being found.

Ms. Isreals will discuss her remembrances of the Holocaust times and ofadjusting to a ‘world without walls’ – having not been outside her secret apartment until the age of three when Canadian forces liberated Amsterdam in May 1945.   Soon after, the family located in Sweden where Isreals’ father found work, and they eventually were able to return to the Netherlandsin 1948.

Upon earning her degree in physical therapy and then marrying an American medical student, Isreals moved to the United Statesin 1967.  She currently lives in Marylandand volunteers with the Holocaust Museum.

Isreals is scheduled to speak at UACCB on March 28 at 4 p.m. in the Nursing and Allied Health Building lecturehall.  This event is open to interested persons from the community at no cost.

For more information, call 870-612-2040.