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Win the DVD set, “Mystery Quest”, the complete season one this Weekend April 3-4 from with KFFB 106.1. Call and register when asked to on the air at 1-800-896-1669 (weekends only) or register on line at

MysteryQuest: The Complete Season 1

History is filled with stories of the unexplained, from vanishings in the Bermuda Triangle to the lost city of Atlantis.

While they have spawned endless speculation, these mysteries seldom come with clear answers. But can advances in science and technology bring new evidence to light? Each episode of MYSTERYQUEST features a journey to find clues about one of mankind’s most enduring mysteries. Through expeditions around the world, experts combine their knowledge of science and technology to look at each mystery in innovative ways. On-site investigation, high-tech gadgetry, video and audio analysis unite with modern-day forensics in an attempt to bring us one step closer to the truth behind history’s biggest questions.

MYSTERYQUEST: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE includes all 10 episodes of the debut season on 3 DVDs:

DISC 1: Hitler’s Escape / The Devil’s Triangle / San Francisco Slaughter / The Lost City of Atlantis

DISC 2: Alien Cover Up / The Rise of the Fourth Reich / Devil’s Island

DISC 3: Jack the Ripper / Stonehenge / Return of the Amityville Horror

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