Win The DVD set the 60S videos of some the decade’s biggest events this Weekend

Win the  DVD set the 60S videos of some the decade’s biggest events. This Weekend May 1st and 2nd from KFFB 106.1. Call and register when asked to on the air at 1-800-896-1669 or register on line at

Was the 1960s the most astounding decade in American history, as many believe? You decide, as you relive the epic events of the times in this sweeping collection from HISTORY™.

From the glamorous years of the Kennedy administration at the beginning of the decade to the triumph of the first moonwalk at the end, this comprehensive collection escorts you through the period’s world-changing events, including the Cuban missile crisis; the civil rights movement; the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.; urban riots; the Vietnam War; and the peace movement it fostered. No less dramatic were the decade’s cultural touch points: the Beatles and Bob Dylan, hippies, communes, the “Summer of Love,” LSD, and Woodstock.

Whether you lived through those heady, tumultuous years or want to see for yourself what went down, this riveting 14-DVD set will bring it all home.

Interviews with Tom Brokaw, Commentary with NASA Mission Control Flight Director Gene Kranz, Writer/Producer/Co-Director Rushmore DeNooyer, and Editor/Co-Producer Tony Bacon on “Failure is Not an Option”; Two Episodes of A&E’s Award-Winning Series BIOGRAPHY® JFK: A Personal Story and Joseph Kennedy, Sr.: Father of an American Dynasty