A “Uniquely American” Health Care Plan

Washington, D.C., August 7, 2009—President Obama, in an effort to sell his socialized health care plan, has said that what America needs is not a free market in health care, but a “uniquely American” government-controlled system. But what would such a plan really look like?

Jeff Scialabba, a writer with the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, says: “The distinctiveness of America was that it set man free from other men. That uniquely American document, the Declaration of Independence, was premised on the idea that each individual has the moral right to his own life, to live free from coercion and with no duty to subordinate his mind and values to anyone. Yet government-provided health care can only be provided by violating this right, by forcing men to provide and pay for the health care of others and of themselves.

“A ‘uniquely American’ government health care plan is a contradiction. In an America true to its founding principles, no aspect of any individual’s life is planned by a bureaucrat in Washington.”

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