AHEC North Central Helping with free prescription drugs

BATESVILLE – The UAMS Area Health Education Center (AHEC) North Central has established a program that is helping residents in the region get free prescription drugs.

The program, called the Medication Assistance Program (MAP), is run by specially trained staff that uses new computer software to navigate the more than 150 free drug programs offered by drug companies.

“The drug company programs are available to anyone, but they’re complex and difficult to understand,” said Dennis Moore, Pharm.D., director of AHEC North Central. “Our staff is trained to administer the initial drug application, follow up as needed and handle refill procedures.”

There is no charge for the AHEC drug program, but it is limited to those who have little or no means to pay for their prescription drugs. The program is not available to those who have drug coverage through their employer, Medicare or Medicaid. But it can help those who lack such coverage and don’t have money for expensive medicines they need.

In addition to filling that gap in coverage, the MAP program will assist those on Medicare Part D when participants hit their coverage gap, often referred to as the doughnut hole. 

For assistance in Cleburne, Independence, Searcy, Stone and Van Buren counties, call Tina Venteicher at (870) 251-7126. For assistance in Baxter, Fulton, Sharp, Izard and Marion counties, call Jamie Gould at (870) 251-6478.