Ayn Rand Center: Cancel Earth Day, Stop Green Guilt

ASHINGTON–“We are told that Earth Day is about enjoying nature, anticipating exciting green technologies, and promoting human health,” writes Alex Epstein, fellow with the Ayn Rand Center. “It isn’t. It is about guilt for the very thing that makes enjoyment, technology, and health possible–our industrial, capitalist way of life. When environmentalists tell us to be ‘green’ on Earth Day by turning out our lights, hand-washing our clothes, and not using our cars, they are saying that what we do every other day of the year is wrong–that it is destructive and ‘unsustainable.’

“At the Ayn Rand Center, we believe that industrial life is something to be proud of and something billions around the globe desperately need to emulate. We condemn the 40 years of apocalyptic, pseudo-scientific environmentalist predictions–such as environmentalist hero Paul Ehrlich’s prediction that hundreds of millions of people would starve by 1980. We recognize the ability of free minds and free markets to make human life better and better, no matter what nature throws at us.”

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