Back to School – Back to Bed Poor Sleep Equals Poor Performance in School; Learn How to Ensure Your Child is Well-rested and Ready to Take on the New Year

School supplies. New clothes. Maybe a new computer, too. Parents go to great lengths to ensure their kids are ready for whatever the new school year brings. However, parents often forget that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors to achieving success in school. Kids who are sleep deprived perform poorly in class. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 25% of students fall asleep in class, 22% fall asleep doing homework and an alarming 50% have driven while drowsy.

And big kids are impacted in much the same way. Want to get straight A’s at work? Focus on getting a good night’s sleep. Employees who are sleep deprived report daytime drowsiness, which can lead to poor concentration, absenteeism, accidents, errors, injuries, and fatalities, so it’s important for parents to pay attention to their own sleep habits too.

What can parents do?

Ready to break bad summer-time sleep habits? Parents should set a good example and enforce a consistent bedtime routine. Sleep expert, Pete Bils, can provide listeners with several simple tips parents can use to maintain a family bedtime routine. Below are a few A+ recommendations:

·    Gradual process: Gradually wake kids up earlier in half hour increments each day until they acclimate to the school sleep patterns needed to function best

·    No gadgets: Minimize media-related activities like texting or games one hour prior to bedtime

·    Minimize light: Reduce the amount of light your family is exposed to the hour prior to bedtime. Also minimize light in the bedroom while family members fall asleep, If you must use a nightlight, put it near the floor

·    Consistency is key: Maintain a consistent bedtime routine and sleep schedule on the weekends as altering sleep schedules creates jet-lag-like symptoms. Remember that sleep is not negotiable

·    Quality bedding: Invest in a quality mattress and accessories