Boozman Denounces Plan to Grow, Embolden IRS to Target Americans’ Financial Activities and Data

U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) is condemning the Biden administration’s invasive Internal Revenue Service (IRS) surveillance proposal that would allow the tax collecting agency to target Americans’ financial data.

“This is certainly not the route to go. It wasn’t too long ago that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. Now we’re seeing this situation where they’re going to be targeting the vast majority of the population,” Boozman said at a Tuesday press conference. “The idea of your financial transactions going to the IRS is wrong. That’s your business unless they have evidence you’ve done something wrong,”

Under the Biden plan the IRS would receive $80 billion more to hire an additional 87,000 agents and be empowered to snoop on Americans’ finances when their bank accounts pass a threshold of $10,000 in activity as a way to pay for Democrats’ partisan agenda.

Boozman said the plan to centralize personal financial information is the “recipe for the Chinese, Russians or some industrious hacker to get that information. There are all kinds of things that are wrong with this.”

Watch Boozman’s remarks about the IRS surveillance proposal

In September, Boozman first warned Arkansans of President Biden’s reckless tax-and-spending bill measure that would expand IRS powers in order to fund his partisan priorities.

Boozman authored a column published in The Hill sounding the alarm on the additional threat to the security of personal information if this policy is enacted. Additionally, the senator has acted to block this overreach as a cosponsor of the Tax Gap Reform and Internal Revenue Service Enforcement Act, bicameral legislation that safeguards taxpayers against IRS targeting and abuse.