Boozman Welcomes Fort Smith Pastor Marty Sloan as Guest Chaplain

Fort Smith Pastor Marty Sloan delivered the opening prayer in the U.S. Senate Thursday as the guest chaplain at the recommendation of U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR).

“Serving as the guest chaplain is an incredible honor. I am thankful for Pastor Sloan’s ministry and am so pleased that he could be here to offer an invocation asking God to guide and bless the efforts of Congress and America’s leaders,” Boozman said on the Senate floor.

Sloan serves as Lead Pastor of Harvest Time, one of the most active and well-attended houses of worship in Fort Smith. He has been in the ministry for 22 years.

The Senate Chaplain invites two ordained clergy members, each month, to pray in the Senate as guest chaplains. Guest chaplains have represented all the world’s major religious faiths.

Click here for video of Pastor Sloan’s prayer on the Senate floor and remarks deliver by Boozman.