Cave City 9th Grader moving Sharp County toward being on Quilt Trail

Arkansas Quilt Trails@ArkansasQuiltTrails (From Facebook) - Sharp County is well on its way to having a quilt trail due to the stellar efforts of 9th grade Cave City student, Jessie Stauffer. She's talented, beautiful, and has a work ethic second to none! Jessie plays on the school's basketball, soccer, and golf teams. What a Cavewoman! (the school's mascot) She's also a horsewoman. Jessie loves art and drawing and found her own special niche in painting barn quilts. It's become a entrepreneurial adventure for her on weekends and the few evening hours she has available after practice and games. Jessie's mom, Paula, says of her daughter that she's the busiest person she knows. Since she's too young to drive, Paula shuttles Jessie and her brother to their activities. Jessie has lost count of how many blocks she's painted but about 20 with the farthest one done for a couple in Nashville TN and the nearest ones scattered around Cave City. 
Jessie Stauffer

If you would like to commission a quilt block by Jessie, or add a block to the Sharp County Quilt Trail, call Paula Stauffer at 870.219.0450 as Jessie is usually at school, at a soccer game, or riding horses when she’s not painting.