Citizens Warned of Scammers Posing as AHTD Personnel

Reports of scammers offering to put down gravel in personal driveways is a cause for attention and caution, according to Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) officials.

The White County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of these individuals that drive orange trucks with amber lights in the front and are marked ‘Chip Seal Maintenance’ with a white AHTD Symbol on the doors. They claim to have leftover chip seal gravel from construction sites and offer to lay it on a private driveway for a fee.

“By law, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department cannot perform work on private property,” said Scott Bennett, AHTD Director.

AHTD and the Arkansas Highway Police (AHP) encourage citizens to be cautious and verify credentials when approached by people claiming affiliation with a government organization. Citizens approached by these individuals should contact their local law enforcement authorities.