Couple Celebrates Daughter’s Unique Birthday at WCMC born 11-11-11

A date so unique it happens only once every 100 years: November 11, or 11-11-11. For husband and wife Dr. Paul and Amanda Betts, the date was even more extraordinary as they welcomed their daughter Bristol at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11 at White County Medical Center’s New Life Center.

Amanda, Bristol(Baby) and Dr. Paul Betts

 Bristol was delivered by Obstetrician Jerry Burns, M.D., as were her older siblings Paul III, age 10; Parker, age 8; and Peyton, 21 months. The Betts’s were in search of a midwife when Amanda was pregnant with Paul III; however, concerns with the pregnancy led the couple to the care of Dr. Burns for an initial ultrasound. After a wonderful experience with Dr. Burns delivering their first child, theBetts have been driving from Jonesboro for him to deliver each baby at WCMC.

 “The care has been wonderful; it always is,” Amanda said. “Everyone hasbeen so nice.”

 Inaddition to being impressed by the medical care from their doctor and staff,the couple was also touched by another part of the hospital’s daily routine:  prayer time. “One of our favorite aspects of being here isthat right before we went into surgery on Friday morning, the Chaplain came over the intercom system and said a prayer. He said just the‘right’ prayer for us at the moment we needed it, and it reallymeant a lot to us both.”

 Prayer time is observed daily at 9 a.m. throughout the hospital as WCMC Chaplain Tim Corley prays for patients and their families, associates and volunteers.