COVID-19 Governor Asa Hutchinson Issues Statement on Limiting Public Appearances for the comfort level of others

Governor Asa Hutchinson issued the following statement on limiting his public appearances:Since the pandemic began, we had a short period of time where our office was closed as everyone worked remotely. But for more than six months, we’ve been doing regular business here in the Governor’s Office as a necessity to lead during this pandemic. We have regularly conducted our meetings with social distancing and mask wearing as needed. In one meeting I had last Friday in the Governor’s Conference Room, there was an individual in the meeting that later tested positive for COVID-19. Even though I remained over six feet away from the individual tested, as a precaution, I had a COVID-19 test early Monday morning, an antigen test that was negative, followed by a PCR test that was also negative. While the meeting did not rise to the level of CDC quarantine guidance, out of concern for the comfort level of others in meetings, I will be limiting my public appearances.