Entergy Helps Single Mom Who Dreams of Future

As a single parent, Catherine Reaper is working hard to build a better future for her family. She balances the roles of full-time student and mother while working as a substitute teacher. Catherine was recently awarded the Fall 2018 Entergy Scholarship from Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, making her challenges this semester a little less daunting.

We asked Catherine to tell us about her journey. She responded, “I had homeschooled my children for twelve years and had never had a paying job. I had attempted college during this time but was told I didn’t need an education to stay at home with my children. I became a single parent. Things changed, and I now need an education more than ever before. It is now up to me to support my family. When you have nothing financially but have huge hopes and dreams for the future, you pray for help. The Single Parent Scholarship Fund and Entergy have been the answer to those prayers.”

“When you have nothing but huge hopes and dreams for the future, you pray for help…”
– Catherine Reaper, Entergy Scholar

Catherine continued, “With the scholarship you are offering, I will be able to buy gas to go to my classes. It keeps me from stressing over bills during midterms and finals and it gives me peace of mind when things go wrong. Thank you for the scholarship and support and for being the answer to my prayers. I truly appreciate this scholarship. None of this would be possible without the Entergy Scholarship that I am receiving from the Single Parent Scholarship Fund.”