Faulkner County AR multiple animals in need of adoption

Faulkner County AR multiple animals in need of adoption, most animals are spay/neutered UTD shots. These animals need homes or rescue transfer. These animals have come from abuse, neglect, abandonment situations. All animals offered are social and ready for forever homes.

Please call us if you are interested in any or if you have questions.

501-470-9049 (Dogs)

501-336-7443 (Cats) Leslie

Faulkner County Volunteer Animal Control

·        Yorkie min/pin mix male under 2 years

·        Yorkie 3 yrs female

·        Yellow lab mix male under 2 years

·        6 Pyrenees mix pups under 6 months

·        Boston Terrier female 2 years

·        Blonde cocker male 5 years

·        Black/white Cocker female 3 years

·        Chi black and white female under 1 year

·        2 littler mates Chi/dach mix 2 year males

·        Australian Shep mix 1 year male

·        Hound Tripod female 3 years

·        2 female med coat terrier mixes

·        Boxer mix female pup 6 months

·        Boxer Mix male pup 6 months

·        Shep/Husky mix male 3 years

·        Shihtzus male and female various ages

·        Numerous lab mix male and female all ages

·        Numerous cats and kittens