Griffin Named ‘Champion of Health Care Innovation’

Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02) issued the following statement after receiving the Champion of Healthcare Innovation Award from the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC):

 “I am an advocate for patient-centered solutions that lower costs through innovation and improve Arkansans’ access to quality health care.  I have voted repeatedly to repeal President Obama’s health care law so that we can replace it with reforms that increase access, lower costs, limit government and promote job creation.  I am honored to receive this award and am humbled by this recognition.” 

 Mary R. Grealy, president of HLC, praised Rep. Griffin for his leadership in advancing sensible health care reforms.

 “Perfecting a 21st century healthcare system that is both affordable and accessible for all Americans and that provides care of the highest quality hinges on support for health care innovation.  We need to constantly develop new and better ways to deliver care and link patients and consumers to the health care system,” said Grealy.  “We’re grateful for Congressman Griffin’s leadership, dedication and hard work in advancing the quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of American healthcare.”

 Rep. Griffin was honored at the HLC’s annual Healthcare Innovations Expo on Capitol Hill.  The event showcases new developments in health care technologies, treatments and practices. 

 The HLC is a coalition of the nation’s leading health care providers and institutions.