Harding University undergradu​ate team places in statewide business plan competitio​n

The Paul R. Carter College of BusinessAdministration at Harding University competed in the 12th annual Donald W.Reynolds Governor’s Cup, a statewide business plan competition for collegestudents. One participating team from the University was named among the topthree.

The DWRGC is an annual competition hosted by theArkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation that seeks to encourage anentrepreneurial spirit among graduate and undergraduate students and recognizethem for their initiative and creativity.

In February, after spending months to prepare a30-page professional business plan, a number of Harding teams submitted entriesinto a pool of 53 submissions from 14 universities throughout the state. Thebusiness plan included a product/service description, marketing plan, operatingplan and pro forma financial statements.

On March 8, five Harding teams progressed to the nextround of the competition, which took place on March 29-30 at the Little RockHilton Hotel. There, they made oral presentations for a new group of volunteerbusiness executive judges. Of those five teams, one team, Vita “Intelligent”Labels, placed 3rd, securing a cash prize of $10,000. They were also given theInnovation Award, with a cash prize of $5,000.

“Placing five teams in the semi-finals is a Hardingrecord,” said Dr. Allen Frazier, sponsor of the Society of Advancement ofManagement. “These students have to commit a lot of their time and energy tomake it to this level, and I am extremely excited for them.”