Ice Storm Recovery from Petit Jean Electric

Ice Storm Recovery from Petit Jean Electric, Clinton Arkansas:

The majority of work crews are being sent to Searcy County to continue work on ice storm damage.

Fresh crews are expected to move into the areas of Ben Hur, Moore and Pelser in western Pope and south eastern Newton counties today.

Construction crews in the Witts Spring area are continuing their work on the main lines feeding that area.

Line and right-of-way crews are still working on damaged lines in the Oxley area east of Leslie.

There are several line and right-of-way crews working in Harriet, Big Flat, and Cozahome today.

The main feeder between South Mountain and the Chimes fire station was energized yesterday. Crews will begin work on taps off main lines in the Chimes and Tilly areas.
Service crews in Searcy County will be working on individual outages across the county.

Service crews will continue restoring power to the few remaining outages scattered across Van Buren, Conway, and Faulkner Counties that were caused by high winds early Wednesday morning.

Trucks are having problems moving across saturated ground due to melting ice and heavy rains. Heavy equipment  such as bulldozers, log skidders, and large tractors are being used to get trucks in and out of areas they could normally go unassisted. A few special “tracked machines” are being used to get in and out of the most difficult locations.

Approximately 1,200 to 1,300 members in rural parts of Searcy, Van Buren, Pope and Newton counties are without power this morning due to the ice storm.
A few isolated outages remain in Van Buren, Conway, and Faulkner counties caused by high winds