Iron Distance Wellness Challenge offered through Batesville Parks and Recreation Was a Huge Success

Batesville Parks and Recreation wrapped up it’s first of many month-long wellness challenges. A total of 83 participants had taken part of the inaugural program. In this four-week challenge, participants planned their workouts to equal the distance of an Ironman Triathlon – a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike and a 26.2-mile run throughout the month of November. Batesville Parks and Recreation wanted to offer this program as a way for the community to work towards an obtainable wellness goal and add variety in their exercise routines.

Whether it was on an individual basis or on a relay team with a spouse, friend, or a family member. Of the 83 participants, the total distance figured to complete the challenge would be 9,420.2. The total distance between all participants was 11,600+ miles with 76 completing their assigned miles individually or through a relay team. On Saturday, Batesville Parks and Recreation hosted the “The Last Mile” event at the Batesville Community Center to run the final mile together. Then participants along with family, friends, and parks staff celebrated a great month with treats and awards.

With it being such a phenomenal first-time program, the Batesville Parks and Recreation department want to congratulate the following participants for their hard work and dedication in completing the challenge: Alfredo Aleman, Nathan Hernandez, Julia Allen, Andrey Abramov, Brandie Cannady, Chris Cash, Jared Cook, Sherry Conger, Hayley Cormican, Katie Cruse, Virginia Cruse, Andrew Davis, Chelsey Davis, Madison Denham, Amy Finster, Kevin Fitterling, Melody Fitterling, Victoria Fitterling, Heather Fulbright, Amanda Gay, Ricki Gilbert, Jamie Gooch, Valerie Gunter, David Guth, Laura Guth, Tanya Haigwood, Barry Hammers, Erin Hays, Sadie Helms, Hunter Jenkins, Kathryn Langston, Tim Lawrence, Teighlor McBride, Veta Mitchell, Abigail Millikin, Jake Millikin, Baylie Moser, Jennifer Moser, Amanda Nikkel, Brad Nikkel, Teri Ostrander, Jeff Owens, Shad Pierce, Katrina Pulliam, Kenny Rains, Suzanne Rains, Jacob Rawlings, Julia Roulier, Scott Roulier, John Scarbrough, Robert Simpson, Brandon Shrader, Annie Sonnier, Anthony Sonnier, David Sonnier, Lori Sonnier, Alyssa Stark, Christopher Stark, Kathy Stobaugh, Marie Thorne, Kimberlee Thomas, Kandy Tosh, Jody Tosh, Nisha Viswanathan, Lindsey Weaver, Todd Weaver, Maggie Williams, Zachary Williams