Kasey Griffin Wins Mayoral Race for Heber Springs

Kasey Griffin Wins Mayoral Race over Sheldon Woodson with a vote of 677 to 526 in the 1203 votes cast in the special election held on November 9, 2021.

Kasey is a lifelong resident of Heber Springs, she owns Cuts and Colors Salon in Heber Springs since 2003.

             Heber Springs Mayor Kasey Griffin

Kasey has been a member of the Cleburne County Rotary Club since 2011, where she has served on many committees and several offices. This involvement lead her to run and serve on the city council of Heber Springs.  She was appointed Mayor by the city council, after the resignation of Mayor Jimmy Clark. Which left the seat open for her to run for Mayor.

Kasey and her husband Stephen reside within the community with their three dogs.