KFFB Live Broadcast at Red River Dodge was a Succuss

(Above) Wayne Krisell and Vic talk deals

(Above) KFFB on location at Red River Dodge

(Above) Ashley Alexia and Anthany Sliffe enjoy the dogs and Mountain Dew

(Above) Jewel Phillips and Pat Murphy enjoy Dogs and Pepsi

(Above) Vic Talks with Art Dunn and Verna Larrick

L-R The Weaver Family Laurie, Elias, Jeremy, Noah, Cade

(Above) Lynn & Lara Helms talking trucks

(Above) Brittany Nash Theresa Burkets Bruce Sumler (Grandbaby Gabriel) and Jim Burkets

(Above) Ryan Higgins working on Financing

John Brown (left) Lisa Benight (Chris’s wife) Katie (Lisa’s and Chris’s daughter) and Chris Benight

(Above) LeNora Herbert taking a call

(Above) KFFB’s Road Gang Fred and Rich pause for a picture

(Above) Allen puts up a balloon