Legislators, Citizens Pursue Legal Action To End State Of Emergency

Arkansas state legislators, concerned business owners and private citizens of Arkansas will pursue legal action against the Director of the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) in the effort to restore the principles of our representative government. The suit will seek an end to the perpetual state of emergency that for the last five months has restricted the rights of citizens of Arkansas to operate and restore their businesses, assemble in their churches, visit the eating establishments of their choice and associate with family and friends without undue government restrictions.

ADH has violated the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) for many months by issuing directives without oversight by the duly elected and representative legislature. Therefore, Legislators, business owners and private citizens have joined together to protect and preserve their freedoms with the intent to file a Petition for Declaratory Judgment that will be filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court the morning of Thursday, September 3rd, followed by a noon rally on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock.
If successful, the Covid-19 related directives issued by ADH will be deemed invalid, forcing the ADH to follow Arkansas law and present any future rules to legislative committees for their review and approval.

The legal action is funded exclusively by contributions from private citizens.