Martin Finishes Fiscal Year $3.2 Million Under Budget

Secretary of State Mark Martin announced today that preliminary figures show after the first six months of operation, his office ended the fiscal year $3.2 million dollars under operating budget. The savings represents 17.8 percent of the operating budget.

Secretary Martin noted, “Our success at increasing the efficiency of the office has resulted in a clear benefit to the taxpayers.  For example, this savings could be used to prevent the cuts in the foster care program, and if not, maybe they can be part of a future tax cut. Of course, that is a decision for the legislature and Governor to make.”
Martin continued, “My staff was willing to embrace a new way of doing business. We asked them to step outside their comfort zone, and they did so in a big way.  Our people were given a policy, empowered to do what they do best, and they did.”
This announcement follows last week’s record remittance of $14.8 million to the Arkansas Education Adequacy Fund; the largest amount the Secretary of State’s office has ever processed from collections of the corporate franchise tax to support education in Arkansas.  This accomplishment was achieved ahead of schedule with fewer employees.
“I believe that being a good steward of the people’s money should be a priority for any elected official, and it will continue to be a very high priority for my administration,” Martin added.