Meals For Missions in Fairfield Bay

The Mission Committee of Fairfield Bay United Methodist Church will again host their Meals for Missions on the 6 Mondays of Lent at the church at 765 Dave Creek Pkwy.

This year the menu will be Soup, Condiments, Homemade Dessert and Drink for $5.00. Each Monday there will be a choice of one soup with meat and one without meat. The Menu is— March 2nd: Southwestern Chicken Soup (a combo of chicken, veggies, rice and beans with just a touch of Southwest flavor and Calico Bean Chowder (a thick robust blend of 13 legumes)  March 9th:  Meatball Goulash (if you are a goulash fan you’ll love this one) and Mediterranean Minestrone (lots of veggies, beans and pasta with a touch of Italy.  March 16th:  Louisiana Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (You’ll think you’re in New Orleans with this one) and Cream of Broccoli Cheese (Chunks of broccoli in a rich cheesy base)  March 23rd:  Beef and Veggie Rotini (Fresh veggies and veggie rotini join the beef for a hearty meal) and Chunky Baked Potato (A delightful change from plain old potato soup)  March 30th:  Old Fashioned Chicken and Egg Noodle (Always a favorite and always good) and Potato Corn Chowder (Good alone but better together, a wedding of two favorite flavors)  April 6th:  Veggie Beef Barley (the winner of the Octoberfest soup cook-off) and Veggie Cheese Chowder (If you like cheese sauce on your veggies you’ll love this).

Meals will be served from 11:30 to 1:00 pm each Monday