Ninth Annual Seed Swap at the Ozark Folk Center State Park

On March 4, 2017 the 9th Annual Ozark Seed Swap will take place in the Bois D’arc Conference Center at the Ozark Folk Center State Park between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.

This event is cosponsored by ROOST (Revitalizing Ozark-Ouachita Seed Traditions) and the Ozark Folk Center State Park. All interested persons are invited to attend this free event. Call the Ozark Folk Center State Park at (870) 269-3851 or log on to for information.

ROOST may be found online at ROOST is dedicated to protecting and improving the diversity of heirloom seed varieties, knowledge and practices throughout the Ozark-Ouachita bioregion. Students from Arkansas Tech document the seeds, grow them out in ROOST gardens to distribute the next season, and catalogue them in a database of local varieties. Arkansas farmers and gardeners have a legacy of heirloom seeds that are in danger of being lost. Sharing seeds will encourage production of diverse varieties for posterity.

Got Whippoorwills, Razorbacks, Red Rippers, Pencil Cob, Hickory King, Greaseback or Turkey Craws to trade? Are you saving dill, cilantro and parsley seed? If you have no seeds to swap but want to get started, come along to mingle with gardeners and farmers who can help. Come with the intent to grow the seed you obtain and return in 2018 to swap what you grow and save. You can bring seed saving envelopes, baked goods or tea to share. In this way, we perpetuate the heritage of Arkansas.