Ozark Folk Center State Park Last Chance 2015 Music Auditions

Ozark Folk Center

Musicians wishing to audition for the 2015 season at the Ozark Folk Center State Park will need to attend this final audition. These auditions will be held in the White Oak Theatre located in the administration building on Saturday, March 21 beginning at 11 a.m.

Musicians should call ahead to schedule an audition time. Performers should come prepared to play at least four songs, three written prior to 1941 as well as a song of their choice. The tune of choice can be written after 1941 or can be an original composition. A piano will be available; all others please bring your own instruments. Please note: No microphones or other sound equipment will be used during the auditions.

Please call Daren Dortin, Music Director at 870-269-3851 or email him at Daren.Dortin@Arkansas.gov to reserve an audition time.

The mission of Ozark Folk Center State Park is to perpetuate, present and promote the Ozark way of life in an educational and enjoyable manner; through craft demonstrations, musical programs, the Heritage Herb Garden, workshops and other special events. For more information on this and other events visit OzarkFolkCenter.com or call 870-269-3851.