Ozarka College releases President’s, VPAA’s List

Ozarka College recently announced that 115 students have been named to the President’s List and 84 students have been named to the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List for the Fall 2011 semester.

 To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 college credit hours, excluding developmental courses, not be on any type of probation and must have a minimum 4.0 grade point average. To be eligible for the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List, students must meet the same requirements, with the minimum grade point average of 3.5 being met. This is the first semester for the VPAA’s List.

 Fulton County students on the President’s List include: James Yarnell of Glencoe; Jessica Vest, Julia Shattuck, Emily Ragsdale, Jonathan Reed, and Margaret Reed of Mammoth Spring; Charles Worsham, Tina Boris, Andrea Pate, Esther Anderson, Valerie Samples, Edward Boris, Shelia Eubanks, Heather Bennett, Charity Schaufler, Joshua Coker, Samantha Corsaut, Anthony Stillwell, and Charmaine Coker of Salem; and Cammie Ritcheson of Viola.

 Izard County students on the President’s List include: Jessica Beaudoin of Brockwell; Casey Townsend, Rylie Bevill, Brett Southard, and Hannah Teague of Calico Rock; Angela Sanders of Dolph; Debra Berkenes and Kathryn Reeves of Franklin; Yvette Grisham, Teresa Reeves-Little and Jason Ertle of Horseshoe Bend; Connie Conrad, Sarah Price, Jennifer Campbell, Eve Banning, Sara Lawrence, Kaylee Ables, Joni Knapp, Joseph Kruis, Brenton Tyson, Chelsea Vines, Amanda Treat, and Erica Jewett of Melbourne; Steffanie Evans of Mount Pleasant; Wilma Parker of Oxford; Lisa Schreiner of Sage; and Christina Delargy, Philisha Fountain and Misty Phipps of Wiseman.

 Sharp County students on the President’s List include: Leah Burrus, Paul Stewart, Lisa Nunnally, and Elyssa Farr of Ash Flat; Brandy Stigall, Tara Barnett and Sarah Humphrey of Cave City; Samantha Redd, Cassandra Flynn, Lindy Brindley, Whitney Wakeham, Jennifer Hill, Cid Herlein, and Adam Askew of Cherokee Village; Susan Cross, Tammy Zeiger, Edith Elliott, and Raegan Groves of Hardy; and Margo Drinkard and April Weaver of Sidney.

 Stone County students on the President’s List include: Whitney Jason and Alicia McIntire of Fifty-Six; Angela Johnson, Chasity Reamon and Connie Daum of Fox; and Sydney Halpain, Sherry Prichard, Vicky Payne, Kara Tibbits, Carita Jo Baird, Amber Sherer, Sterling Minick, Tiffany Wagler, Andrew Hayes, Michelle Vannatter, Daika Everett, Sarah Mickler, Pamela Webb, Leslie Mason, Anna Mickler, Patrick Ward, Austin Wilkie, Jerry Whitaker, Rebekah Ray, and Tiffany Eatherton of Mountain View; Abby Spinks of Pleasant Grove; and Margo Del Real, Gerry Goodin and Autumn Romine of Timbo.

 Other counties represented on the President’s List include: Baxter County: Austin Horne of Gassville; Sherry Marcum of Mountain Home; Lisa Manuel and Marcia Helm of Norfork; and Lacey Turner of Prim;  Independence County: Cheryl Sturdivant, Nicole Morris and Rachel Stone from Batesville; Lawrence County: Lindsey Dahm from Imboden; Amanda Diller from Ravenden; and Hanna Hunter from Smithville; Marion County: Patrick Kelley of Yellville; Oregon County, Mo: Tina Robertson of Thayer, Mo; Ozark County: Dawn Williams of Gainesville; Phillips County: Brie Engle of Marvell; Searcy County: James Suchland of Marshall; Van Buren County: Kara McBroom of Shirley.

 Fulton County students on the VPAA’s List include: James Hoover of Camp; Kelsey Hopper, Megan Carney and Kimberely Mitchell of Mammoth Spring; Naomi Clingan and Amy Painter of Salem; and Garry Goodson of Sturkie.

 Izard County students on the VPAA’s List include: Ryan Walker and Wesley Sylar of Brockwell; Jacob Moss, Matthew Townsend, Cheyenne Diaz, Kary Foster, and Christian Wiberg of Calico Rock; Jessie Conyers of Dolph; Christina Sirian, Regina Cagle and James Grisham of Horseshoe Bend; Charlotte Billingsley, Shonda Trewyn, Ronicia Smith, Ashley Sherrell, Kerri Smith, Kendra Woods, Timothy Overbey, Krystal Ramsey, and Timothy Guenther of Melbourne; Blake Conyers, Samantha Goodson, and Lynsey Ford of Mount Pleasant; Samantha Price of Sage; Liana Greenway of Violet Hill; and Gage Wolford of Wiseman.

 Sharp County students on the VPAA’s List include: Alexandra Whitten, Courtney Moffett and Sarah Rapert of Ash Flat; Tonya Holt and Anthony Thacker of Cave City; William Lamb, Kaitlin Sellers, Lynette Stone, Tara Wise, and Jessica Cubillas of Cherokee Village; Megan Graddy and Samantha Walls of Evening Shade; Tiffany Dienst, Sophia Willcockson, Sherry Davis, and Jimmy Clouse of Hardy; and Kimberly Zeiger and Jerry Despain of Williford.

 Stone County students on the VPAA’s List include: Kari Bearden and John Fitzgerald of Fox; Luke McMahan, Lachelle Green, Taylor Baldridge, Leandra Murray, Sandra Whitaker, Connie Wilson, Clinton Stanley, Jennifer Canard, Lyn Craig, Robert Burns, Marissa Richardson, Rex Vannatter, Willie Smith, Mary Burns, Paula Marshall, Iris Gomez, Joseph Everett, Rebecca Clark, and Sarai Aaron of Mountain View; and Audra Flether and Jennifer Gonzalez of Timbo.

 Other counties represented on the VPAA’s list include: Baxter County: Tanya Woods of Mountain Home; from Cleburne County: Karen Ring of Edgemont; Craighead County: Gregory Simpson of Bono; Faulkner County: Christina Patton of Conway; Independence County; Cortney Goodwin and Kaila Dunegan of Batesville; Van Buren County: Leeone Gilland of Clinton; Joshua Huie of Dennard; Heather Holland of Shirley; and Lisa Smith of Dalzell, S.C.