Razorbacks head coach Bobby Petrino fired on Tuesday

After a five-day review, Jeff Long athletic director of theUniversityofArkansasmade the announcement at press conference Tuesday night, that the Razorbacks head coach Bobby Petrino has been fired. 

 Long became emotional as he spoke of his decision to fire Petrino. Long took a moment and took a drink of water to compose himself to continue about his disappointment about Petrino’s actions.

 “No single individual is bigger than a team,” Long said and he also said, “Petrino was fired for cause and there was no negotiation for him to stay.”

 Long said Petrino abused his position and had four days to disclose the nature of his relationship with UA football staffer Jessica Dorrell, who was on the motorcycle with Petrino during his accident.

 Long said Petrino’s relationship with Doorell gave her an unfair advantage in getting the job on his staff. He also said Petrino gave Dorrell $20,000. Long also said, there was over 150 applicants and three finalists were interviewed, including Dorrell.

 “It’s a difficult time to be looking for a new head coach, that’s for sure,” Long said. He also said that if they had to wait until this season was over to find the right person they would. However, he repeated more than once that it’s too early to speculate.

 Long was asked if he regretted hiring Petrino, “If he hadn’t been involved in this inappropriate behavior, no I wouldn’t regret hiring him” said long.

 Taver Johnson will continue leading the team through spring practice and then he will evaluate where they are with the search for a new coach.