Secratary Daniels: Don’t Forget to Vote

Secretary of State Charlie Daniels today reminded Arkansans who are not registered to vote to submit a voter registration application by the October 6 deadline in order to participate in the November 4 General Election and Nonpartisan Judicial Runoff.

“2008 is an historic election year, and I want all eligible Arkansans to be able to have their voices heard this November,” Secretary Daniels said.   “But, to do that, Arkansans must first get registered to vote in advance of the October 6 deadline.”

To be eligible to vote in Arkansas, an applicant must be a U.S. citizen residing in the state who will be 18 years of age on or before Election Day.  Registrants cannot claim the right to vote in another country or state and must also be free of certain restrictions relating to voter competency and felony convictions.

When registering to vote for the first time, applicants should include a copy of a valid photo I.D., utility bill, paycheck, or government document that shows one’s current name and address information.  If no I.D. is provided with the application, first time voters will be required to show I.D. at the polls or vote a provisional ballot.  Election officials will later determine whether that ballot can be counted.

Voters who have changed addresses or names since they last registered to vote may also update their information on the voter registration application.  Visit to check current voter registration information and print off an application (available in both English and Spanish).

Applications may be completed in person at state revenue and county clerks’ offices, public libraries, and public assistance agencies, or they may be submitted by mail to county clerks’ offices or to the Secretary of State’s office.  If applying by mail, prospective voters should contact their county clerks to confirm the receipt and acceptance of their completed application.