Senator Blanche Lincoln’s Statement on Congressman Marion Berry

Washington – U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln today made the following statement regarding Congressman Marion Berry’s decision to retire at the end of this term:

 “I have worked closely with Congressman Berry since the days when I represented the First District, and he was serving in the White House as President Clinton’s special assistant for Agricultural Trade and Food Assistance,” Lincoln said. “We have remained close personal friends ever since, having shared the honor of representing the people of the First District.

 “As a strong voice for our Arkansas farmers and seniors, Congressman Berry has accomplished much for our state throughout his career in public service. Although his will be a tough act to follow, I will continue to seek his counsel on agriculture issues and other subjects of importance to Arkansas.

 “I have been proud to serve with Congressman Berry, and I send well wishes to him and his wife, Carolyn.  As we are on the campaign trail this year, I look forward to Congressman Berry’s support.”