Senator Tom Cotton Remembers Army Corporal Jerry Garrison of Lamar, Arkansas on the Senate Floor

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today remembered the life of Army Corporal Jerry Garrison on the Senate Floor. Corporal Garrison was reported missing in action during the Korean war. His remains were recently located and identified. He was laid to rest today in his hometown of Lamar, Arkansas. A member of Senator Cotton’s staff attended the service and read a letter on his behalf.  Click here to watch Senator Cotton’s remarks in full. A transcript of his remarks can also be found below.

Army Corporal Jerry Garrison was reported missing in action on December 2, 1950. After all these years, Corporal Garrison is on his way home to be laid to rest with the full honor due to a member of the United States Armed Forces.

 Corporal Garrison was one of “The Chosin Few” who fought on that frozen ground to protect his fellow Soldiers and the independence of the Korean people against the communist hordes. God, in His mysterious providence, chose to call Corporal Garrison home during that epic battle. But only recently were his remains discovered and identified.

 Corporal Garrison’s funeral today is a long-overdue moment of honor for a brave Soldier, and a long-anticipated moment of mourning and remembrance for his loved ones.

 But let’s also remember in our prayers the many families whose loved ones haven’t yet come home. Corporal Garrison’s recovery is a moment of hope for these families—a reminder that our nation won’t rest until every one of our missing heroes is brought home. And it’s a reminder to our troops in harm’s way today that we will always bring them home should they fall in the line of duty or go missing in action.

 We’ve now fulfilled that solemn pledge to Corporal Garrison. Nearly 70 years after he went missing, we’ve once again affirmed that the United States leaves no man behind. Rest in peace, Corporal Garrison.