Severe Weather Planning for Arkansans!

Severe Weather Planning for Arkansans

North Little Rock – With the threat of severe weather this week it pays for Arkansans to know what to do in advance.
Basic preparedness plans should be in place at home, at work and at school and each family member or employee should understand the plan.  When a severe storm or tornado strikes, there may be only a few seconds to react and find shelter.
The first step in preparedness is to ensure you have a reliable method of receiving weather information including TV, radio and NOAA weather radio, plus a back-up system if one goes out.  Battery powered equipment and extra batteries should be a part of the plan.
Shelter areas should be designated at home, work and school; whether they are in basements below ground level, ground level windowless rooms, or interior hallways on the lowest floor.  Protect yourself from flying debris with blankets, sleeping bags or mattresses.
If you are in a vehicle, mobile home or portable classroom, move quickly to a strong building for shelter.  If there is no shelter, lie flat in the nearest ditch or depression.  Do not take shelter in a structure with a high, wide roof such as an auditorium, gym or shopping mall.
Choose a person to telephone outside your city to let others know you are safe and choose a place for family members to meet if your neighborhood and home are damaged or destroyed.
Create a disaster supply kit and keep it in your shelter area.  Kits should be created for home, work, school and a mobile kit should be kept in your vehicle.

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) is the state’s homeland security and preparedness agency. The agency works to identify and lessen the effects of emergencies, disasters and threats to Arkansas by developing effective prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery actions for all disasters and emergencies.  For additional information, contact ADEM at (501) 683-6700 or visit the website at