State Agencies Helping with Arkansas River Flooding

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) continues to be activated at Level I today in response to rising water levels and expected flooding along the Arkansas River. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) has operated at full activation daily since Saturday, May 25. ADEM provides the physical location for the SEOC. Staff coordinate requests from county governments with state agencies who provide the resources and support to the community. Here are a few examples of state agencies in action making sure that citizens remain safe:

The Arkansas Department of Transportation is closely monitoring the status of roads as the river waters rise and combating rumors on twitter (@myARDOT). Rising water that covers roadways makes roads impassable. Barriers are set up and signs are posted. State highways that are closed are marked on the department’s website, Citizens are encouraged to look at this website to determine the best routes to drive until the flood waters recede and repairs are made if needed. A call center has been established that operates daily between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to assist travelers navigate around detours. Call or text 501-569-2374. Remember – turn around,  don’t drown.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has publicized a website for citizens to check their addresses against the actively flooded areas and the potential. The website is: They continue to monitor the water levels. They have verified that the McClean Bottoms Levee, the Slope Side Levee, the Dardanelle Levee, and the Overtop Levee have all been breached. The levee in Scott is leaking from a flapper valve into a field, sandbagging operations have been started for that

The Department of Human Services is working with county officials, Red Cross and churches in communities to establish shelters for those who need to leave their homes because of the flood waters. They are also working with communities to set up locations for those who want to donate to the citizens that have been affected by the floods.

The Arkansas National Guard is providing high water rescue teams to help with residents who need to leave their property because of flood waters. They are also helping transport sandbagging machines to counties to fill sandbags to protect property and roads. Sandbag operations have now started in Pulaski County.

Citizens affected by this flood event should take all safety precautions and follow the advice of local officials. If property damage occurs, and if it is safe to do so, take pictures of the damage. Citizens can contact their local Office of Emergency Management to determine what preparedness measures they should take.

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