Stimulus II: Misplaced Reliance on Government Second District Congressional candidate, Tim Griffin

LITTLE ROCK – Second District Congressional candidate, U.S. Army Reservist and former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin today issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:

“I welcome the President’s call to freeze spending and focus on jobs in the coming year. But, after a year of stimulus spending and a misplaced reliance on the federal government to create jobs, both unemployment and the national debt have increased. As Congress gets into the details of the President’s new stimulus plan, it must cut spending while keeping in mind four simple words: ‘We can’t afford it.’ 

The national debt is the greatest threat we face as a country.  To face down this threat, we must embrace pro-growth policies which make creating jobs easier, not harder, and allow the private sector to create the sustainable jobs that only it can.”